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Dave McMasterWe would like to thank the Association and all those who submitted tributes to David. They mirrored our thoughts and fond memories of him, and will assist in the void left by his untimely passing.

David's Sisters and Brothers in Law and their Families.

Barbara and Michael O'Reilly, Shawn, Edward, Kearren, Robert, Avery, Simon and Digby.

Ann and Gordon Bacque, Dave, Deb, Scott, Christopher, Dorothy, Paul, Devlin, Colm, Hannah, Ian, Lori, Jennifer, Michael, Alexander, Thomas, Sarah, Taosiach, and Jessie.


Dave McMaster has had an incredible history in women's hockey. He was a pioneer and very special friend to so many female hockey players. He coached Team Canada in 1990, coached many years for the University of Toronto Lady Blues and Leaside Girls Hockey Association. We have all lost a very treasured friend, but his legacy will live on in the lives of all those who had the honour of knowing this wonderful individual.

Honouring Our Friend

We have received so very many calls from Dave’s friends and colleagues – about the man who was giving, caring and kind – about the man who always had a smile and a warm word of encouragement. Everyone wants to do something for Dave to let him know how much he was appreciated and loved and to let him know his life has left an everlasting legacy for female hockey.

We believe there is something we can all do for Dave. He would be the happiest person in the world if he knew that each and every one of his friends in women’s hockey continued to lead this world in a special way. He loved the game and the people in it. He always found the positive and said something about it. He found the strengths in a team and in its players who are people first and athletes second. He loved his teams and the opposing teams. There was no opposition, just team-mates wearing different coloured jerseys and serving different roles as team staff, officials, volunteers or fans. All were members of Dave’s team.

He was always there to help and to support. We will miss this physical presence, but we need not miss the lessons he taught us. What would make Dave happy today? If every one of Dave’s friends followed his example and paid someone a compliment, even once a day, think of how they would feel – both the giver and the receiver. We encourage you to take the time in hockey and in your daily life to find something positive in something or someone and tell somebody about it.

Dave will remain forever in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to know him. It is up to each of us to carry his message so others can continue to benefit from his wonderful lessons.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Fran Rider, Executive Director
Ontario Women's Hockey Association
#3-5155 Spectrum Way
Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5A1
Phone: 905-282-9980
Fax: 905-282-9982


Thank you for the info Fran. Dave was indeed a dear friend. He will be missed.
Nathalie Rivard

We at Seneca are deeply saddened by the news of Dave McMaster's passing. Our Alumni Women's Hockey Team remember Dave with fondness. I have had many emails today from them, expressing their sadness. Dave was always a great supporter in women's hockey and we at Seneca particularly enjoyed his support of college women's hockey. I would appreciate it if you could forward our condolences to Dave's family and the coaching staff and team members.
Linda Stapleton
Manager, Athletics and Recreation, Seneca College

Thank you for including me with your information. I truly appreciate it. Dave was a wonderful person. I have never been coached by him but I have always had the utmost respect for his passion and love of the game of women's hockey. I know that ALL will truly miss him and his talents.
Karen Pepper

The Ottawa Raiders wish to express Our deepest sympathies to the McMaster family in their loss of a very special family member. Dave was a long time personal friend and a pioneer in the promotion and development of womens hockey. His wisdom, guidance and support in helping the Raiders get established will be remembered.
Mel L. Avery
President/General Manager
Ottawa Raiders - NWHL

Dave would always shake your hand or give you a big hug when he seen you at the rink. What I respected the most of Dave was his honesty, I played for him in Hamilton in 1987 and he told me straight up that he only had a spot for a utility player. I decided that I would retire from playing and referee full time. Dave and I met many, many times after that he was the coach and I was the ref. Dave treated you as a referee with a quiet respect and manner that you only wish other coach's would too. Off the ice he always was pleasant to talk to, his accomplishments speak for themselves. Dave's passing leaves a void in our rink's of life.
Valerie Burrell Feb/2003

Dave was a gift to women's hockey. When all one's love for hockey was forgotten, he renewed your spirit. He believed in each and every person’s potential to be the best hockey player they could be. He always went the extra mile. For example when I wasn't scoring he brought me a tape on how to shoot, and some exercises on how to strengthen my upper body. At this time I wasn't even on his team, but rather an acquaintance. He cared enough to believe in me. He always greeted me with a warm smile and a great big hug. He always knew what I had been up to in hockey, and was always full of encouragement and praise. Dave was a kind hearted, sweet, generous, jolly man who gave so much to women's hockey. His passing is a great loss to women's hockey.
Kristi Mehisto
Women’s Varsity Team
University of Western Ontario

David McMaster lived and breathed women’s hockey. He was generous with his knowledge of the game, sharing his insights about building greatness into the women’s program. In addition to his accomplishments as a coach, Dave helped many players earn university scholarships in the US and Canada. His expert knowledge about the university system, his coaching contacts and connections with varsity teams, threw open the doors wide for our players. Dave was a good friend. His gentle chiding, bear hugs and generosity will be missed.
Diane McKenzie

Since the first day we met Dave, we knew he was a great hockey person and friend. Having had the opportunity to play for him was a great experience. He never passed by without a handshake and hello. We will miss seeing his smiling face around the arena. Our condolences to his family.
Janet Hudson & Carolin Boushel

To: McMaster Family
On behalf of the members of the Prince Edward Island Hockey Association, please accept our heartfelt sympathy in your time of great sorrow. David's contributions to hockey in particular Female Hockey will be an every lasting legacy.
Your Friends in Hockey.

He was a man who cared a lot about the development of women's hockey. He put a lot of time and effort into the teams he coached (which were many) as well as the kids camps he worked at. He knew more about hockey then anyone I know, and he was well respected by not only his players, but also referees, other players, coaches, and parents. He treated everyone with the respect they deserved and he was a highly motivating person. He will be missed by all including the hockey community.
Lauren Atkinson, Varsity Player
University of Western Ontario's Women's Hockey Team

When I heard the news about Dave, many memories came back to me. I never played for Dave, I was always on the other bench. You always knew you would be playing against a well coached team. After the game though, Dave would always make a point of shaking my hand and spending a few minutes with me. It was that small gesture that I will always remember about him. My thoughts are with his family at this time.
Mari-Jayne Woodyatt

Dave's encouragement and support of my daughter and others has contributed greatly to their personal development, self esteem and love of hockey. He genuinely loved and cared about these young women and took pride in their accomplishments. Their love of him was also clear. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten. Thanks Dave. Rest in peace.

Like so many others, our family was horribly saddened this week by Dave's passing. His accomplishments were legendary, and the testimonials this week from past and present superstars of Canadian women's hockey speak volumes about his hockey knowledge and coaching ability. What impressed me most about Dave, however, was that you didn't have to be a superstar for Dave to make you feel like one. Our daughter first came to know Dave as a high school opponent two years ago and then played for him this year as a member of the Willowdale Red Wing Bantams, one of the three teams he was coaching in his 'retirement'. Whether it was calling after an injury, unexpectedly delivering exam preparation notes, his intuitive sense about when a player needed a little extra encouragement, or his good humour and memorable nicknames for the girls, Dave profoundly affected each and every girl. Few of the girls will ever play at the competitive levels where Dave made his reputation, but, in the unfortunately short time that he knew them, he ensured that they were all just a little bit better equipped for life itself.
John Boeckh

"Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest."

In Dave McMaster’s memory I fondly share with his family and friends….

“A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the quality of his actions and the integrity of his intent. In the end, leaders are much like eagles…they don’t flock, you find them one at a time!”
Diane Boles
Head Coach
Stoney Creek Junior Sabres
Team Ontario 03’

Hockey has lost a great supporter and friend and so have I. For over 20 years, I have considered Dave McMaster a friend. He always had a smile and a hug for me. He could make me laugh, and he was always looking for the positive side.
Dave and I worked together on many teams, and camps, for the Winter games, the Ontario teams for the World's and the Nationals. He was fair and honest and dedicated. He will be missed. My condolences to his family. Dave will leave behind him, a family who love him, and a multitude of friends who respect him. I will miss him.
Joan Dewdney
OWHA Vice-President

On behalf of all of us at Bill Bolton Arena women's hockey.

Dave McMaster: A Hockey Life

"Get yer butts down!"
A hard, older man's voice, sharp in the cold air of the rink. This is a man who has coached the men's and women's national teams. This is a man who is on a first name basis with Sunohara and Heaney. Who has run the rink at U of T, who teaches English at a private girls' school with, of course, a winning hockey team. We bend our knees, assuming the "position of
readiness", inside edges biting the ice.
"Skate, skate, skate! Keep your feet moving!"
The drill is probably rudimentary to six year olds, but it has been thirty or more years since most of us were such. Away from this downtown rink, we're lawyers, medical illustrators, computer consultants, speech therapists, mothers, doctors, technical writers, businesswomen,...but here, most importantly, we are hockey players. This older guy with the beat up skates and the bum knees and the goalie's eye for an angle, has made us so.

"Look before you pass!"
He never treats us like a bunch of crazy old broads, even though our friends and family probably think we're nuts. At our first sessions, some of us had no idea even how to put the equipment on. We wobbled and shuffled and fell a lot. Dave doesn't care, as long as we keep trying. We tease each other, cheer each small success. We are lucky to have him for two years, September to April.
"Hey, Killer! Keep your head up, eh?" He laughs, not unkindly, as two of us smash into each other during a puck handling drill. We weave around pylons, we learn to pivot, we learn to do cross-overs and go backward. "Cut your C's!" He cruises up and down, checking on each and every one of us to make sure we understand, making a few adjustments, occasionally rolling his eyes as we banter with him. Some of us have been driving kids to the rink for years; we're
wearing our older kids' equipment. Some of us have borrowed stuff from husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends. All of us have our own reasons for deciding one day, that it was our turn to pull on the jersey. Dave consults his clipboard. He knows more drills than most people
know the names of movies. While we pause and drip sweat, he lays down a stick in the middle of the far blue line. Time to barrel through his favourite, the "Canada drill", where you skate full tilt down the ice on the right boards, pivot, go backward from blue line to blue line, pivot, tight 180, head back down the centre of the ice, stop with spray at the hockey stick he bravely stands behind, cross-over step and skate back up the boards the other side and
start over again. We fly, or at least it feels like we do. Dave has given us this beautiful, challenging, intelligent game. He has made us feel as if it was just waiting for us, a bunch of middle-aged women, as if it was a gift we just needed to unwrap. Here, he says when he
taps our shin guards, you can not only do it, you can do it better. I know you can shoot and hit the net. You can go faster, you can pass in patterns, you can defend, you can screen the goalie and tip it in. We feel as if we are truly Canadian now, blades flashing as we stick our elbows out going into the corners. Dave comes out to watch "his" players at one of our league games. I chat with him, realize suddenly that he is proud of us. Of us! I tell him how nice it is that he doesn't treat us any differently than he would any of his charges. He chuckles, and he tells me he had older sisters in Saskatchewan who played better than he did, so he didn't have a choice about how he viewed women! And it is then that I realize how wonderful he is, that he loves the game so much, that he is passionate about making it accessible to anyone. We do the same drills as the stars do, because Dave wants us to see that hockey is for all of us.
Thank you, Dave. For believing in the game. For believing in us.
We will never forget you.

I have known Dave McMaster for many years and he is a man I truly admired. Two of my fondest memories in hockey were watching Dave coach Team Canada to world titles at the First World Tournament in 1987 and the First Official World Championship in 1990. These events put women's hockey on the map! Every time I saw Dave, he went out of his way to give me a warm greeting. He was respected by the hockey world and will be deeply missed.
I send my personal wishes to his family.
Hazel McCallion
Mayor, City of Mississauga
Hockey Player
Honourary Chairperson, 1987, 1997 and 2000 Women's World Hockey Events
Member of Board of Regents, Ontario Women's Hockey Association

I think he has affected every female hockey player either directly or indirectly in some way. I remember when he recruited me to go to U of T, and when I chose Guelph he never had a negative thought about me. He was always interested in how my game and life were doing, and I think he was one of the kindest men that I have ever met. His place in female hockey is legendary, but I am sure his place in life was much more. I saw him at Christmas briefly at a hockey tournament, and it was so easy to give him a big hug, and to put a smile on my face. He was such a caring person, and even though I never got a chance to play on one of his teams, he definitely affected me very much as a player and as a person.
Thanks Dave for everything
Cassie Campbell

What a sad day for Women's Hockey. Dave McMaster has been a constant in women's hockey for so many years. I cannot think of anyone who has supported women's hockey more than Dave. I remember the meetings when we were developing the Ontario Women's Hockey Association, Dave was such a positive, committed force. In my time in women's hockey in Ontario two people stand out as the ultimate champions for the OWHA in the early years .. Dave McMaster and Cookie Cartwright.
Patricia Bronson
Associate Registrar
Records & Scheduling

On behalf of the members of the Prince Edward Island Hockey Association, please accept our heartfelt sympathy in your time of great sorrow.
David's contributions to hockey in particular Female Hockey will be an every lasting legacy.
Your Friends in Hockey.
George Trainor, President
Charlottetown, PEI

I would like to pass on my condolences to Dave’s friends and family. Dave’s passion for developing female hockey programs and people has helped take the female hockey program in Canada to another level. I recall Dave calling up to register for the female hockey coaching clinic held at the 2000 Women’s World Hockey Championship in Mississauga. I told him that he did not have to register as I would like him to be a part of our expert coaching panel. Dave’s response to me was a humble one – he told me that he had so much to learn about the game and felt that he could learn more from being a participant in order to interact with everyone attending the conference and by sitting back to learn from the exceptional coaches in the game.
Shelley Coolidge
Canadian Hockey Association
Manager, Female Development Programs
Calgary, AB

Dave was a wonderful, unique and caring individual. I actually met him playing against him in high school hockey, and then had the opportunity to play for him on several occasions in tournaments. Through the years that Dave and I were friends, I got used to and loved being able to walk into a rink and see him sitting there, happy as ever in his black cap and Leaside Hockey jacket, always ready to give me hug and see how things were going. Looking back on not only my hockey career but also my life thus far, the contributions that Dave has made are immeasurable. Dave, I miss you beyond words. You are in my prayers every night and I know that you are now with God. You are a true angel.
Anna Coatsworth

Dave McMaster was possibly the smartest hockey mind we've ever run across. His ability to produce champions came from not only caring about "the game" but about the person who played. His ability to show us that a balance was needed between family, school and hockey is what made him a mentor to so many both on and off the ice. We are saddened by his loss and will greatly miss him.
Debbie & Keith Bland

It's hard to really find a place to start talking about the tragedy of not just hockey's but the worlds loss of a great person. As my coach for the first time this year, Dave was what always dragged me to the ice when I dreaded those late night or morning practices. Just knowing that he would be there encouraging me, along with the rest of my team always was a huge comfort. He was an amazing coach who really made the game fun. I only hope that he knew how much he has helped me and meant to me. I think above all Dave just loved to watch hockey being played. This is evident as he could always be found in an arena somewhere. After our team was told about his passing we were all it total shock. Since that time we have gone on to play a couple games and it was almost unbearable not having his voice and presence on the bench with us. On behalf of the entire Jr. Toronto Sting team we would like to express our condolences as well as share how affected we were by this loss as well. Through this tough time it is important to remember that although Dave is not physically on the bench with us, I know that he is in spirit. In fact, Dave is with every female hockey player. He lives within us as not just a memory, but as an idol and someone we will never forget. He lives within every coach who cares about each individual player and within any person who simply loves the game of hockey. He is everywhere and because of this we will never let him fade.
I know that Dave is in a better place and that he continues to coach each and everyone of us. For that I thank him.
Lauren Conforzi
Toronto Sting

I remember some time last year, when Mr. McMaster asked me what I wanted to study in school. I was a little frustrated because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. He then told me, when he went to school, he went to Law School. After about the third day, he said he
dropped out to become a teacher. "I wanted to make people laugh," was what he said. He was an amazingly beautiful man. He made everyone he knew laugh. If you were down or not feeling well, no matter what he did, simply his presence would bring your spirits up. I cannot even put
into words what this man meant to me, and so many other people. I have never had anyone believe in me so much, and go to such great lengths to make me believe in myself. I treasure every moment I ever spent with Dave. He taught me so many lessons, on and off the ice. He has made me a better person, and I love him for that, and also for his unbelievable corny, yet amazing sense of humour. Mr. McMaster, I finally brought the bologna! I know you're watching over us. Thank you so much for everything, You were my mentor, and are my role model.
Alison Fair #15
Toronto Jr. Sting

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have Dave as my coach at U of T. He was such a friendly 'people' person, and always a pleasure to be around. He had an amazing sense of humour and a way of making everyone feel important -- he took a genuine interest in everyone! The women's hockey community will certainly miss this very special man. Thanks, Dave!
Andria Hunter

Dave McMaster is truly the best coach I have ever had. I had the privilege of playing on his team one year at Leaside. It was the first year I had ever played select hockey but his words of support and encouragement gave me all the confidence I needed to play up to the level of the other girls. He not only made me a better hockey player, but he made me realize every time I stepped on the ice why I loved hockey so much. I only played for him that one year, but every time I saw him at the arena after that he always had a smile on his face and would give me a great big hug along with some encouraging words. Dave McMaster was a wonderful person and captured the true spirit of what a coach should be. He will always be a reminder of why I love the game of hockey as much as I do. Thanks Mr. McMaster
Sarah Skinner

Our condolences from across the border on the loss of a great hockey person, and a great man. I always looked forward to our encounters and conversations. He brought so much to the game, and his passion for it rubbed off on so many. He'll be missed as a great friend.
Bill Driscoll
North American Hockey Academy
Stowe VT

I remember some time last year, when Mr. McMaster asked me what I wanted to study in school. I was a little frustrated because I Dave McMasterhad no idea what I wanted to do with my life. He then told me, when he went to school, he went to Law School. After about the third day, he said he dropped out to become a teacher. “I wanted to make people laugh,” was what he said. He was an amazingly beautiful man. He made everyone he knew laugh. If you were down or not feeling well, no matter what he did, simply his presence would bring your spirits up. I cannot even put into words what this man meant to me, and so many other people. I have never had anyone believe in me so much, and go to such great lengths to make me believe in myself. I treasure every moment I ever spent with Dave. He taught me so many lessons, on and off the ice. He has made me a better person, and I love him for that, and also for his unbelievable corny, yet amazing sense of humour. Mr. McMaster, I finally brought the bologna! I know you’re watching over us. Thank you so much for everything, You were my mentor, and are my role model.
Alison Fair #15
Toronto Jr. Sting

My daughter, Alison Fair, is currently the captain of the Toronto Jr. Sting, one of the three teams Dave was coaching this year. Needless to say, Alison loved Dave very much and is having a tough time accepting his death. Dave scouted Alison 2 years ago when she was playing Midget AA for Leaside. Dave wanted her on his team at BSS; but she wasn’t a student there. Then last year she played for Dave in his first year of coaching the Toronto Jr. Sting. It was a very talented team that Alison found herself, initially, as one of the weakest players on the team. By the end of the season Dave had transformed her into one of the best players on the team. Then, this year she was made captain of the team by Dave. She was also selected to the NMGHL all star team where she scored a goal and had an assist. We are extremely grateful to Dave for his interest in Alison and his love and teaching that has made Alison the player she is today. Unfortunately, we didn’t know Dave’s past achievements until now that we read about them after his death. His contribution to women’s hockey in this country is obviously enormous and I’m sure there are many players like Alison for whom he has brought out their potential.
James Fair

While it was my two daughters who got me to start the game of hockey in my mid-forties, it was Dave who showed me how to play and, more importantly, I love the game. Everytime I met Dave at an arena, we would share a big hug, a joke or two, an update on my daughters' hockey as well as his teams...and then he would look me straight in the eye and ask about "Mom's game"! He always had a coaching tip and a good word to say...I truly believe that when I first met Dave at Bill Bolton arena, he recognized my passion for the game before I did. He was so enthusiastic about teaching my classmates and I the basics...and he was thrilled when we finally managed to score a big goal, make a great pass or forecheck with confidence!!! Dave, you gave us all a wonderful gift - "believing in ourselves"! Thank you for enriching our journey...
Chantal Locatelli, #12, alias "MOM", and Nicole and Amelia Tritter

Dave was an amazing blend of coach,teacher,mentor and friend who treated everyone with respect, particularly his players-of any age- because he was as comfortable coaching novices as he was elite players. He was an important part of our family having coached all three of children- Brad,Kate and Molly, who he was coaching on two teams when he passed away. We all learned a lot about values from Dave. We all miss him greatly but remember him fondly. The attached photo was taken of Dave with our children this past December at a Red Wings fun skate. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.
The Allgoods

Congratulations to Dave's Bishop Strachan School hockey team on winning the Confederation Cup in Newfoundland the weekend of February 7th, 2003. The team wore black arm bands in his memory and there was a minute of silence for him at the opening game.
David R. Allgood

I knew Dave McMaster from my days as a broadcaster on the old U of T radio station when Dave coached the Lady Blues, (with a young player named Karen Hughes). I would continue to see him as recently as 3 months ago at The Ice Gardens, What characterized Dave was a tremendous commitment to women's hockey. He was without any kind of political agenda. He just enjoyed seeing the sport progress and was committed to its development. A true fan and friend of the game, Dave followed my career closely and could talk to me about how I had done on a recent broadcast. He followed the careers of those he coached and shared in their successes.
A great friend of the game, he died far too young and will be missed.
Mel Raskin

I, like so many people who heard the sad news about David ,was shocked last week. I have read the many tributes paid to David and without a doubt it is clear David has had a tremendous influence on many,many hockey players. I was somewhat struck by the fact that the tributes I read did not acknowledge the other half of David's life and that of course was his influence he had on so many students over the years. I had the unique privilege of not only having been one of David's students,but I also had the privilege of being the parent of another recent student of David's, plus the privilege of having coached against my old teacher.

David was a great influence as a teacher in the early days of St.Georges College. While we aspired to be great hockey players David had to make do with what he had!!.Those were the very early days of David's coaching career and I can assure everyone that none of us had any idea of the heights to which David would ultimately aspire and achieve. If his high school team of the late 60's and early 70's had any idea of the gem we had amongst us I am sure we would have shown him more respect then than we most definitely have now..

After I left St. Georges in 1971 I really had little contact with David until approximately 8 years ago when my son was seeking admission to my old school where David was ,amongst other duties, in charge of the junior school interviews. When David asked my son what his interests were and he responded "hockey" his admission was guaranteed!! I then got to know David as a parent and it became very obvious to me how much his boys at RSGC truly loved him as a teacher. While David had to make do with me as a player in the late 60's he had a much better player to coach when my son came under his tutelage. On many an occasion when I would be picking my son up from a game or practice David used to enjoy telling my son what a fine hockey player he was in comparison to his Dad!!

The high esteem with which David was held by the boys at RSGC was best exemplified when my son came home last Monday and told me about David's death,quite clearly moved but also wanting to do something to remember David by. I am sure there are many of David's present students at RSGC , as well as many old boys, who will want to remember David and hopefully with time the appropriate tribute will be arranged.

Finally I had the unique privilege to have been able to coach against my old mentor and friend. Mark Napier and I coached the Etobicoke Dolphins Intermediate AA girls hockey team last year and while our record overall and against the Sting was not what we had hoped for one of my fondest memories was taking David's jibes in the arena knowing full well they were meant with the best of intentions. I must say 32 years ago I never thought I would be shaking hands with my teacher and high school coach in my role as a coach.

On behalf of my family I hope that you can pass on this message to David's family with my heartfelt condolences. I hope I can speak on behalf of the many boys at RSGC ,past and present, whose lives he touched when I say he has been, and will continue, to be missed.
Mark Edwards

My condolences to the McMaster family. I will remember Dave as a pioneer of Women's Hockey, one who had great passion for this game we all love today. Dave contributions and respect he brought to our game are legacy. He will be deeply missed, but not forgotten. May he rest in peace.
Marina Zenk

Dave was a teacher by profession and we all learned a lot from him. Be positive, respect your opponent and enjoy life to the fullest. He taught me early in my coaching career to always remember that hockey is just a game. Dave was a pleasure to be with. He will be greatly missed. I know I will miss him and think about him every time I go into an arena. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time.
Jann Bower
Mississauga Ice Bears
President, Golden Blades Women's Hockey
District Representative, OWHA

It was always a pleasure to be greeted by your warm smile and partner with you in thoughtful and insightful conversation. Your competitive spirit and sportsmanship will be missed. David, you enriched the game of hockey and our lives. We were truly blessed to have known you and we will miss you greatly.
The Players, Coaches, Staff and Friends of the Mississauga Junior Chiefs

I am greatly saddened by the passing of Dave McMaster... I unfortunately had never had the opportunity to meet Dave personally, but I am more than aware of the amazing history and reputation in women's hockey that Dave possessed...
I send my deepest sympathy to Dave's family and friends at such a difficult time... I only hope that you heal in time...
Please know that Mr. McMaster was respected to the highest level for his knowledge, experience and reputation... Dave knew how to work with people and most definitely women hockey players... He surely touched our hockey community with his knowledge and motivated many to surpass their dreams at succeeding...
Dave will be greatly missed by those that he touched and those that adored him from afar...
With My deepest sympathy. Yours in Hockey
Bonnie Nagata
Etobicoke Dolphins Sr. B Coach

Dave was a friend to Ross and me for nearly thirty years, starting when he was coach of the Mississauga Indians.
He was a pioneer in the formation of the Ontario Women's Hockey Association. We elected him to be Vice-Chairman of the original Steering Committee, along with Kay Cartwright, Chairman, and Maurice and Shirley Landry. The eventual formation of our governing body, which is unique in all of Canada, is a tribute to their wisdom and fore-sight.
I was privileged to work with Dave in the first World Women's events of 1987 and 1990. Not only did he coach Canada's entry to championships both times, but he also contributed valuable ideas to laying the groundwork of a structure that would prosper for many years to come.
Dave was a fine coach, a believer in the sport of Female Hockey, and above
all, a gentleman. We will miss him.
Bev Mallory

I am so very sadden to hear about the lost of such great man. I have had the privilege of knowing Dave both as a coach and as a friend. I will never forget the final game of the first World Championships in 1990 when I forgot my jersey! I was so upset, and terrified I was going to get into trouble. When Coach McMaster found out, to my surprise, he wasn’t made, nor was he angry with me. Coach just put his arm around me and, with a smile on his face, told me to put on one of the extra jersey’s we had and not to worry. Coach then sent someone back to the hotel to get my jersey, so that I would have it for the start of the Championship game. No matter where Coach McMaster looked, the sky was always blue and the sun was always shinning. Now as I embark on a career in coaching, I hope that I too will be able to follow in his footsteps, to be able to see the positive in every situation. He will be missed, but never forgotten!
Laura Schuler
Head Women's Ice Hockey Coach
UMass Boston

With Dave McMaster's passing, female hockey has lost one of it's strongest supporters. The tributes on the OWHA website are a testament to the many people he touched and helped along the way.
My own contact with Dave came as a result of his coaching Leaside AA teams at the Bantam, Midget and Intermediate levels during the time I was the Leaside President. It would be a daunting task to try to list all his achievements and I'm sure I would fall short, so instead I'll simply point to the other tributes coming in from past Leaside players.
I do want to share with you one experience that I will always remember Dave by. It demonstrates his love for the game and his respect for all the girls regardless of age or ability. At Leaside there is little ice available for house league practice so we grab what we can when the opportunity arises. The situation came about that an hour of ice was free following an Intermediate AA practice. I did the telephoning to bring out some Bantam age players but I had no coach to run the drills. I asked Dave if he would help us out and without hesitation he agreed. Switching hats from his top level competitive team to a group of beginners, and with no assistant coaches, he ran an hour of drills that were educational, interesting and fun. The girls had a memorable hour with a World Champion coach. For Dave it was just one more hour of his time given to making girls hockey a better thing.
Dave, Leaside thanks you for that hour and for all the hours you put in. The game of hockey is better off because of your efforts!
Ian Shaw,
Past President
Leaside Girls Hockey

I met Dave McMaster at Stephanie Boyd's hockey school this past summer. He gave a one hour workshop to the senior ladies, many of whom (like me) were over forty and playing their first few years of hockey. His love of the game and support for female players of all ages was very evident. I thoroughly enjoyed his knowledgeable and humourous presentation.
I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Dave again two weeks ago, as one of the members of the Etobicoke Dolphins Girls Hockey League Coach Selection Committee. I recognized him instantly when he entered the room. Our brief encounter the previous summer had left a distinct impression. My colleagues and I were thrilled that such a wonderful person would be interested in helping our organization. We are all deeply saddened by his passing.
One of the most memorable items in my two encounters with Dave was his "PDAM". I have no doubt that all who met him PERCEIVED his intelligence, wit and tremendous dedication. I sincerely hope that all of us will DECIDE to ACT with similar integrity and grace to honour his MEMORY.
Janice Pietrantonio

I played for Dave at the University of Toronto, and later went on to coach alongside him. Dave and I may not have always seen eye to eye on things, but we had a great deal of admiration and respect for one another. He taught me how to recruit and talk to parents and players, and we were both passionate about the game. Dave was an amazing individual and will be sadly missed in and around the arenas.
Barb Jeffrey

26 years ago I remember Dave showing up at rinks all across Ontario, I know because I use to see him there. That was back when we use to have to go from one end of the Province to the other just to play a game. That is how long ago I noticed Dave had been involved in the game we love so much...Female Ice Hockey. I used to wonder why a man would follow OUR hockey so diligently. At first just watching, then slowly introducing his views, to finally acting on what he felt was what we as females needed to know to make OUR game successful. I would think that all of us who knew Dave learned a little, learned a lot and always came away with the same goal...make this game what you want to make it. He was a teacher don't forget, it was in him to teach and so he did. I know he loved OUR game, I know he inspired others to love OUR game, I know he would want all of us to continue to grow and be the best at this game as we can be. To teach others to love OUR game as much as he did. Why else would he stand in a cold arena for half his life! Thanks Dave for all you have contributed to OUR game.
Leslie Drew
One of the many Pioneers

teacher. coach. friend. funny. kind. caring. hockey fanatic.

These are just some of the words that can be used to describe Dave McMaster. I have personally known him since I was about 10 years old (6 years ago), when I played against him as the only girl on a boys team. I was from then on known as the boy with the blond ponytail sticking out! I played against him for the last 5 years, but this year I finally decided on playing for him. Since September I have never learned so much in all my years. Not just about hockey, but about life. Anytime I spoke to him he would put a smile on my face.
I just hope he continues to watch over, and anytime I think of him and step out onto the ice, he will still put a smile on my face.
Carina von Bredow #25
Toronto Jr. Stings

It is so difficult to put into words the shock we have all experienced with Dave's passing. Dave's love for the game and more importantly his love of the players was second to none. Dave always had such genuine concern for his players as a total person on and off the ice. As part of the staff on the Toronto Sting I learned a lot from Dave. Lessons that will stay with me for years to come. I was probably one of the last people to see Dave, we met to talk about working together again next year. He always talked about retiring but I don't believe he ever would have. I would also like to say how proud I am of each of the players on the Sting. This past week has been so hard on them, the team made the tough decision to stay on the ice, despite our hectic schedule. As hard as it was, they all knew in their hearts that is where Dave would want them to be.
David Houlden
Toronto Junior Sting

On behalf of the Ontario Hockey Federation, please accept our deepest sympathy and condolences during this very sad time.
Ed Pupich
Ontario Hockey Federation

Difficult for me to condense sixteen years of memories of someone who espoused our values so well and was a true gentleman and a great person to know. I had the privilege of knowing Dave first, in my role as a coach and as a volunteer in the OWHA and secondly, as a parent with a daughter who played for him at U of T.
As a parent I quickly saw that he was gifted and dedicated not only in teaching hockey but also in teaching life skills. Dave continued to call me " Dad " long after Lesley graduated and shared in our family's pride in
seeing Lesley excel both off and on the ice during and long after her four years at U of T. I am grateful for the role he played in that process.
My regards and deepest sympathy to his family.
Doug Reddon

Hi, my name is Chris Bacque. I live in Whitby, Ontario, and I am 14 years old. Dave McMaster (a.k.a. Unk) was my godfather (and great uncle). I think that it is great what your doing to remember him in the greatest way
possible. It means a lot to us (his family) and many others because he would appreciate the kind observations of his life that you have provided us with to help reflect on the many happy years that we have spent with him. I am
glad that many of the hockey players that he coached along with many other friends and family members, have put so much effort into the remembrance of the kind, and positive outlook on life of his that he has so willingly
shared with all of us. In closing I would just like to thank you for your efforts, and to say that they have helped me get through the tragic loss of a great family member and friend.
Sincerely, Chris Bacque

Dave coached our daughter , Kristy, for 4 years with Leaside. I can still hear him yelling across the rink, "Thompson, bend those knees!" To this day she still hears his voice when she is defending her goalie. He taught her discipline, respect and also showed her that her commitment to the game and life was an asset she would always be proud of. He could do any drill on the ice with the girls, they would give their all. He believed in his players. Dave had respect for the parents as did they for him. He encouraged our daughter to continue her education. She is in her 4th year at the University of Ottawa and playing for the Ottawa GG's. She would not have done this had it not been for the "talks" with Dave. Dave had study times when they were at tournaments, team meals, curfews and bedroom checks. We used to laugh about it but it taught the girls that their education was first. As parents, we were behind him all the way. He also taught them that being away at a tournament was not meant to be a party, they were there to play hockey. He had an excellent rapport with the girls and they knew he was right. Dave gave so much to hockey and all his players. It is so hard to imagine him gone. Kristy was fortunate to see him in Montreal last fall. She has so many good memories of her time with Dave. Our heartfelt condolences go to the McMaster family. We will all miss him very much.
Moose, Karen and Kristy Thompson

Dave McMaster touched our lives, and was such an important factor for many of us leading up to and through our university days. His love for the sport of hockey and his enduring commitment to do what he could to support and grow women's hockey when not a lot of people really cared that much about it is something that I will always remember and cherish for what it allowed me to enjoy - as well as the pride I was able to feel as part of his UofT "Lady Blues". His efforts as a builder/coach well back over 20 years ago, helped pave the way to what we share with all of Canada and a growing number of other nations as the sport of women's hockey today.
Dave McMaster was a wonderful soul. He always had a kind word to say and a warm smile to greet you - he will be missed dearly. Good-bye Dave - I'll always remember you with kind, happy thoughts and memories.
Sophie Radecki UofT: 1980-85, etc

Dave McMaster was a dedicated pioneer whose passion helped the female game secure its special place in the world of hockey.
The best part of being involved in hockey is the very special friends you make along the way. Like everyone else, I feel very fortunate to have been able to cross paths with Dave. Dave never passed by without a hello or a hug. Even during the hectic times at Provincials, it didn’t matter, he would take the time to stop by and give you physically, a pat on the back. It’s amazing just how much that gesture recharged our batteries.
Dave touched so many, many lives in all aspects of the game of hockey. Dave brought great values to the sport, his positive attitude, leadership and above all his passion for the game and all its participants.
My sincere condolences to the McMaster family and also to the OWHA family who has lost a very special friend. We will all miss his smile and cherish his memory.
Melanie McFarlane

Dave enlightened all he met. Encouraged all with equality regardless of talent or abilities. More importantly, he wanted to know and understand his players, remembered them with clarity and their direction both on and off the ice. A wonderful resource which we shall miss, hopefully we can all continue his good work.
It's been a pleasure.
The Anso Family

I was sorry to hear of Dave's passing. I last saw him at a funeral of a former teacher of his just a few months ago.
I first met Dave when I attended my CAHA Level 5 coaching clinic at York University in 1975 and met him several times there after at rinks throughout Ontario. It was evident he loved hockey and women's hockey especially. With my present involvement in women's basketball I have come to realize how important it is to be just the right influence on women athletes and Dave was just the right influence. Please extend my condolences to his family. Hockey and women's hockey in particular have lost a great soul. To those who knew him, arenas will seem a little sadder with his loss but we will always be heartened by the memory of his love of the game.
Larry Sadler

On behalf of the alumni of the Mississauga Chiefs Senior AAA Hockey Club, the Board of Directors is making a donation to the OWHA in memory of Dave McMaster. Dave's legacy lives on in all of his players. He was truly committed to the student-athlete.
Bob Allan, President

As a young coach just starting out at Leaside, Dave McMaster was an icon to look up to and to learn from. Dave not just coached the game, he taught his players how to play and understand the game of hockey. Dave had an unwavering dedication to the game and to his players. No matter the talent level, he supported and challenged them to be the best they could be. He was a true asset to the Leaside organization and the players he helped develop. Dave truly cared for the players he coached and met through hockey, not just their on ice abilities, but also their family and school life. Dave McMaster made a lasting impression on his players. Proudly I can say Dave became a friend and a great supporter. The best lessons I learned from Dave were not about tactics, but rather how to be very passionate about coaching, to be a teacher and a mentor to the players and to show respect for everyone involved in our sport. And most importantly to cherish the special lives that cross our paths while we play this game we love so much.
Stephanie White
Leaside Wildcats 1995-2002

I had the privilege of playing for Dave for 5 years as a player of the U of T Lady Blues. He is the best coach I have ever had. He instilled in me my passion for hockey. I will be forever grateful for that. I will never forget his great sense of humour and his incredible dedication to women's/girl's ice hockey. He really made a difference.
It was a blessing to have known him and I am a better person for it. I will ALWAYS remember him with the fondest of memories. My deepest sympathy is extended to the whole family.
Jennifer Ashley,
U of T Lady Blues 1982-87

I first met Dave back in my university days. I was playing for the York Yeowomen and he was coaching the U of T Lady Blues. He was always kind and had many words of encouragement for me even though I played for the opposition. I knew he had a passion for hockey but I had no idea he was so involved with women’s hockey until I finished at York and helped him with the U of T Lady Blues Team. He lived and breathed hockey.
I saw Dave occasionally after that, always at a hockey tournament somewhere. He always had a hug for me and a comment about my aggressive play in my younger days – he made me laugh. Thanks Dave!!
BA Armstrong

I was a small town girl wanting to play organized hockey. For 6 years I played on outdoor rinks ( as girls did not play organized hockey where I came from) and when I went to U of T (1982) I wanted to try out for the University team. I called up the coach, Mr. McMaster, and asked if I could register for the try outs. He asked me a lot of questions about my hockey skills and explained that he had most of his team but it would be a pleasure to meet me. So off I went to the gym for dry land and then on the ice for practice. Needless to say my skates and equipment where outdated compared to the other women, many of whom came from the Toronto (players like Karen Hughes) area. I remember the warm greeting he gave me and how he tried to make me feel comfortable. I will never forget how he told me the I had so much potential and that he would like me to be part of his team. I was the 16th player but that did not matter because all I wanted was the opportunity to play organized hockey. I never knew that I would learn so much under my coach Mr. Dave McMaster. he taught me so much about the game and more importantly how to treat your teammates with respect. He was knowledgeable and was able to keep things interesting and fun. He had a good sense of humour and was a kind, patient and caring man.
For the past 15 years I have coached children and often talked about the coach I had in university. I had watched Dave carefullly and the manner in which I treat my players and conduct myself on the bench came from his teachings. I have thought about Dave often and wondered where he was. I never knew how involved he was in Women's Hockey. I feel privileged to have had Dave for a coach as he was a wonderful man and a great teacher.
My deepest sympathy to his family.
Sandra Furletti Blomberg
Timmins, Ontario

I was one of the many who was stalked by Dave McMaster. It seemed he was at every game I played while I was in High School. There was no question in my mind that I just had to go to UofT to be coached by this man. I spent five successful years there, and was fortunate enough to play for him for two more seasons after that. He taught all of his athletes much more than the game of hockey. Although I did not see it back then, I realize now he was a role model for all of us. He lived his passion with integrity. How many of us are living our passion?
I remember his big hugs and smiles; his corny jokes; his zany names for his drills; that loud confident voice that called my name from behind me on the bench when it was time for a line change, but mostly, I remember a man who's heart was big enough for everyone who crossed his path.
Heather Ginzel

In memory of Dave McMaster, remembered as a wonderful coach and a lovely person.
Sarah Skinner (Leaside) and her mother Linda Sumner

So many others from the Bill Bolton Women's Hockey League have so aptly expressed how much Dave meant to us. When I met Dave at Skills Classes it was my last shot... I had tried another co-ed league and was on the verge of giving up. How crazy was it to be a 40 year old starting to play hockey? But from the first moment of his classes it seemed that it was more ridiculous to be self-defeating."So you can't do a stop yet, at least you keep moving!" or "Stop and look." Dave said to the class, patting the back of one of the women,"This woman was the last across the line last year in every drill. Now she is the first. Now that's good work." What a teacher. He inspired everyone whether they were the best or the worst. He was glad to see you everytime you walked into the arena. Off the ice, he and I talked about history, books, appreciating our parents, and seizing the moment. He was so proud of his students. He delighted in everyone and we delighted in him. Thanks Dave you will always have a very special place in my heart, and I will always hear you, everytime I assume the "position of readiness".
Sara Newman

After reading all the tributes about Dave there is not much more I can say about this great man. I will always remember Dave for his famous quote " Offense wins games Defense wins championships". Dave used that
quote several times when I played for the 1987 Hamilton Golden Hawks/ Team Canada. I believe that quote was very inspirational in our success that season. I still use that quote when coaching today. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to share a very special moment in Women's Hockey with a very special man.
Thanks Dave
Dayna Dann

Dave McMaster was my daughter, Kristi's hockey coach for several years when she was playing in the Leaside Girls Hockey League. We both were impressed with skilful yet calm manner with which he treated all the players and the confidence he gave them to succeed both on this ice and in life.
Our condolences to Scott and his sister and all other members of his family.
Helle Soomer

I would like to express my sincere sympathy to Dave's family and to the Canadian Hockey family. I had the opportunity as a player at Providence College to compete against his teams at the University of Toronto and always enjoyed the respect that he showed for our game. He always had something positive to say no matter what the outcome. Then in 1987 and in 1990 I had the opportunity to compete against him with Team USA as a young assistant coach. . .no matter how heated the competition between our countries, Dave found a way to be a coaching mentor for me and provided me with so much encouragement. . .I'll never forget going to Team Canada's practice and seeing him out there in his helmet and shin guards with a smile on his face. He continued to be a friend and mentor as I progressed with my coaching career and I've had frequent encounters with him my last ten years coaching at the University of New Hampshire. Dave was special to women's hockey, not just to Canadian women's hockey. Again, I offer my deepest sympathy.
Karen Kay
Team USA Asst. Coach 1987 and 1990
Team USA Head Coach 1994
UNH Head Coach 1992-2002

Dave was one of the true pioneers of female hockey. His passion for the game and positive enthusiasm will never be forgotten - he was a great people person.
Lesley Reddon

Dave McMaster was a special man who cared a great deal about the people he knew. He had a terrific sense of humour and made everyone feel comfortable. He loved his hockey and the girls who played for him. He enjoyed his life and could laugh at himself, too. The first press release from the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association
that named him as the coach of the 1990 Canadian team that did win the first gold medal for Canada said that he was 'certifiable' as a level four coach. He got such a kick out of that and every time he would call thereafter he would leave the message, "This is the certifiable coach calling."< He was a very considerate man. When I was ill, he called, sent cards and even funny little slippers. The day before he died, he was talking to me and said that he would never forget the night I called him to ask him to accept being inducted into the University of Toronto Sports Hall of Fame. He said he thought I was joking and went on to tell me the depth of emotions he was experiencing at that time. I remember he was so excited...just like a little kid with a lollipop. At the induction, he was proud and had brought his family. . The strange thing is both he and Karen Hughes were inducted that same year.
I had the privilege of calling Karen, too and opted to call her first. He is so special in the minds of his followers that she did ask if he was to be inducted and I believe if I had said no, she might not have accepted at that point.
That is how much he was respected by someone of Karen's stature. The funeral itself spoke volumes. The standing room only crowd and the service itself were very memorable. We all cried and will always remember this wonderful man....Dave McMaster.
From my heart.........
Lois Kalchman

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